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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cute and Simple Dolce & Gabbana Logo Set

Nothing crazy, nothing out of this world, but little details like the frills and bows paired with the repeating D&G logo are all you need to make this three piece set lovable. This strikes me as a great baby shower gift for someone who would never expect to get designer baby clothes. Sidenote: I have a friend who is pregnant and is refusing to tell anyone the sex of the baby until after the shower because she does not want to get clothes. I am looking forward to seeing her face at the shower when she opens box after box of yellow duck outfits. Anyway, this set is new at Lavish Kids and boasts a $155.00 price tag. Maybe if my friend would tell people that she is having a girl like we all have already figured out she is, she would be lucky enough to receive this outfit. Instead, she will get ducks. C'est la vie.

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