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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Ultimate Convertible Crib: The Mirabelle from Posh Tots

Whoever invented the convertible crib is pretty much a genius. The way they work is pretty simple: the back of the crib becomes the headboard of the bed, and the front of the crib the footboard, as soon as your child is ready. It might even ease some of the scariness of the crib to bed transition, because it's the same thing! I still get excited about this idea; I just love it. Convertible cribs can be found just about anywhere nowadays... just be prepared to pay a little bit more for them. Made of poplar with hand-carved embellishments of cupids and roses, it would be tricky to find a crib more luxurious than this. And again, it converts into a full-size bed. Fantastic. The cost? A whopping $3162.00. But just think, you are saving on the cost of the bed. Kind of. See more of this and more of the amazing matching collection at Posh Tots.

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