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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cute Travel Blankies

I still have road trips on the brain, bigtime. I think that everyone should find a way to take a road trip across their country, that is at least a month long, at some point in their lifetime. If you live in the United States like I do, this is a pretty big feat. I have one planned for this coming summer that spans 39 states over a two month time period. Now all I have to do is save up enough money to quit my job and do it. Sounds easy enough (haha). So these adorable blankets are travel-size (21" x 21") and come in a variety of fun patterns and colors. One side is soft and fuzzy and the other side is a smooth satin, AND there are matching car seat covers! Now I would not recommend a cross-country road trip with a small child, but one of these little blankets might make a trip to Grandma's house a little easier. And they are only $29.00, at 2 Little Monkeys.

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