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Friday, September 9, 2011

Plain Mary Circus Print Gift Set

Things I like: circus-themed prints. Things I don't like: circuses. I love reading about old carnivals and I love making art with the carnival/circus theme, but after reading about how the animals are treated and then thinking about how these poor confused animals are kept in cages and carted all over the country and trained to do very strange things... it's weird right? Maybe I have just had too much coffee this morning and am letting the racing thoughts take over, but I have only been to one circus and do not plan on returning. Stick with Cirque du Soleil, which if you have never seen before, you MUST splurge for the tickets and do it. Amazing. Anyway, this three piece gift set from Plain Mary consists of a bib, burp cloth, and personalized changing pad. One side is a vintage circus print and the other is a soft microsuede or terry, depending on the item. Sure, it is another typical gift set, but the print and colors of this one really make it stand out. See more details of this $110.00 set at Saks.

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