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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pricey Pants!

Right now I am watching a TV show I DVR'd entitled "How the Lottery Changed My Life." Anyone ever seen it? It makes you want to play the lottery because these people are just average people who go to work every day. Some buy a lottery ticket on a whim and tell of the moment they realized they had the winning numbers. I took a philosophy class in college and one thing I remember the professor talking about is The Lottery Paradox. If one million people play the lottery, most likely every single one of them will be saying to themselves, "I will not be the winner." But someone has to be the winner. I don't know; lately my day job has been making me so miserable that I fantasize about being one of those lottery winners ALL THE TIME. Anyway, here are some new pants from Baby Dior. Made from lush burgundy velour, these little pleated pants tie with a velour ribbon and have the Dior logo embroidered by the waistline. They also cost $239.00, a small fortune for a pair of infant's pants. Maybe when I win the lottery, I can buy these for a friend. See more details at Lavish Kids.

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