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Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Gift Sets from Armani Junior

It's only 10:40 and it's already been a crazy Sunday: awoke to my upstairs neighbors (I live in a condo) blasting rap music and vacuuming at 6am, kitten pulled down shower curtain at 7am, some random guy with a wrong number started psycho dialing my phone (think 12 times in ten minutes) and leaving random texts for someone named "Meech" at 8am... This is a bad trend to start because I have to watch my boss's kids tonight and they are psychotic by nature (they probably get it from my boss). Oh well, at least life is never boring! 

Anyway, I saw these cute little gift sets at Lavish Kids this morning and am a very big fan, mostly because of the linen overalls. I think they have a kind of French-y feel and would love the opportunity to buy the his and hers version for someone with boy girl twins. The four piece set comes with a onesie, the overalls, a soft cotton hat, and cute little plush duckie. Also, props to Armani for tasteful logo usage on all four pieces! These can be yours for $200.00.

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