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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Anthropologie Baby Hats

Anthropologie is a fabulous store. Period. This is not like going into a JCPenney, where the only decorations are the oogly "fine art" prints on drab colored walls, and racks of clothes. Pretty. Anthropologie is like stepping into a different world, the way the place is set up is like art in itself. They have kitchens set up in some, bedrooms in other, chandeliers, antlers, lanterns hanging from the ceiling... the one in New York City has a lighthouse-type-room set up in the middle of it. Like it looks like a bedroom in a lighthouse, decorated in lavish Anthropologie accessories. It is to die for. ANYWAY, I got curious as to whether or not they made baby items. And while they don't have a lot, they are like miniature versions of the quirky and gorgeous clothing they offer for adults. My favorite things are these little hats, which can be purchased on their website for $38.00.

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