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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kenzo Baby Pre-Walker Boots

As if coming back from a four day weekend isn't hard enough as it is, my four day weekend was with my best friend in Chicago (visiting the Nordstrom on the Miracle Mile - amazing.), and we woke up with colds yesterday. AND I spent way too much money. AND on top of that, I accidentally made my car payment twice this month AND Sirius XM randomly charged me $157.00 for lord knows what because I pay for my XM radio on a monthly basis. Sometimes I think days like this are a kind of a test. Most people act dramatic, lament about how it can only get worse, and post a woeful Facebook status about how awful their day is, yearning for those "Hang in there!" comments. I decided to turn it around by donating some old items to charity and ordering extra spicy boneless buffalo wings for dinner (my favorite). Remember, no matter what happens, you can always turn it around if you just try. SO, back to these adorable pre-walker boots from Kenzo. I find them interesting because the pale pink corduroy and floral pattern look like something you'd see on a spring dress, yet they are on fur-lined boots meant for snowy days. The little rainbow ribbon trim even ties into a bow in the back. Maybe these boots are another reminder to "turn it around," and that even at the end of the nastiest of winters there is always a beautiful spring. Wow I can be cheesy. Find these little cuties for $46.00 at Children Salon.

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